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Cost Savings Vs Cost Avoidance
Cost Savings vs Cost Avoidance

Nine out of Ten new customer engagements involve this common question. “How much money will our organisation save by deploying…

Managing A GSM Based IoT Environment
Managing a GSM based IoT environment

Managing and controlling a few dozen or a few hundred GSM SIM’s can be tricky but managing a few thousand…

Telecom Reporting: The Key To An Efficiently Managed Telephony Environment
Telecom Reporting: The key to an efficiently managed telephony environment

Globally, “telecom expenses represent a massive portion of the IT budget, with Gartner forecasting $1.6 trillion in telecom expenses with…

Technology Expense Management – A Game Changer For CxO’s
Technology Expense Management – A game changer for CxO’s

We live in a technological melting pot of products, services, technologies and providers, each of which having been specifically designed…

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