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What’s Driving The SaaS Market’s Exponential Growth?
What’s driving the SaaS market’s exponential growth?

Cloud-based deployment is now the software deployment method of choice as more companies become cognisant of the tangible benefits of…

Get Ready For A Brave New World
Get ready for a brave new world

This is arguably the world's biggest trial of remote working, with organisations rethinking several common workplace misconceptions. “Brave New World”,…

Apex BI Brings US-based Zylo’s SaaS Solutions To SA
Apex BI brings US-based Zylo’s SaaS solutions to SA

Local business intelligence (BI) solutions provider Apex BI is partnering with US-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider Zylo to bring the company’s management…

Life After Lockdown: Managing Mobile Voice & Data
Life After Lockdown: Managing Mobile Voice & Data

The current global pandemic has changed our working lives forever. Remote working, once considered to be a perk, now has…

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