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About Apex BI

Apex Business Intelligence (BI) is all about the Power of Knowing. We understand, simplify and automate your complex IT and Telecoms data and present it in a single software platform.

What is TEM?

We define TEM [Technology Expense Management] as a combination of software and professional services which address the full lifecycle and management aspects of all telecom costs, consumption, contracts, services, infrastructure and assets.

While our roots are in technology expense management, our SaaS platform, Clarity, goes far beyond just cost savings. Clarity supports strategic planning and financial forecasting and enables organisations to benchmark performance versus expense across all business units.

The single view it provides means enterprises are empowered to create policies, rules and alerts to manage and control the environment proactively, as well as gain highly accurate and granular BI and reporting capability.

Clarity supports business continuity by providing the CXO with an at-a-glance overview of the entire technology environment.

Our TEM Software and TEM Services offerings, coupled with our best practice methodologies and customer-centric business processes, have helped position Apex BI as an authority in enterprise TEM.

What we do

We provide powerful enterprise TEM solutions that enable organisations to understand, manage, control and optimise all costs, consumption and services within their telecoms and IT environment.

Our TEM solution comprises TEM Software and TEM Services that cater specifically toward the management and control of the following environments:

  • Fixed-line voice and fixed-line data
  • Mobile voice and mobile data
  • Mobile APNs
  • Internet of Things [IoT] and Machine-to-Machine [M2M]
  • Desk phones
  • Printing services
  • Cloud and hosting services

What Makes Us Unique

Our software may be in the CLOUD, but our feet are firmly planted on the ground.

SPEED is everything. Quick, responsive reporting means quick to act. Period.

Data QUALITY and ACCURACY are core to our cause.

We understand that our customers and business partners are our LIFELINE, not the other way around.

We plan big, but know how to FOCUS small.

In our world, size does count. We process and manage BIG DATA superbly well.

Change is inevitable. We embrace change through FLEXIBILITY, ADAPTABILITY and ELASTICITY.

Our supplier and technology AGNOSTIC software platform simplifies a world of excessive and complex choice.

Excellence doesn’t always have to come at a premium. Our cost-effective PRICING proves that quality and budgets can co-exist.

CUSTOM is not just a 6-letter word. We can make it 12 for you.

Don’t just take our word for it, ASK OUR CUSTOMERS.

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