ClarityTM IT

All IT provider billing in one platform.

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Achieve powerful companywide visibility and insights into all IT provider costs and services across your organisation. ClarityTM effortlessly ingests your IT provider invoices into the platform enabling easy allocation of each cost and service to the respective user group, be it a location, department, cost centre, GL code or other group structure. Now that’s CLARITY.

Clarity’sTM IT Expense Management Module means all IT provider billing in one platform.

IT Expenditure: Clarity’sTM IT Expense Management Module provides tools to help you better understand your company IT spend. Understanding what you procure, who you procure it from, how much it costs and whether or not it is utilised are key outputs. Now that’s Clarity.

SaaS Management: Apex BI has a strategic partnership with the world’s leading SaaS Management software provider. Through this partnership we enable our customers to manage, discover and optimise all SaaS licences throughout the organisation.


Platform Peace of Mind

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The Power of Knowing

All IT & telecom costs, consumption, services and trends across all providers, all business users and all locations in a single platform.