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Become an Apex BI partner and start providing your customers with powerful Enterprise Technology Expense Management solutions today.

What a partnership with Apex BI means for your business…

Immediate market differentiation to stand out from your competitors
Attractive and sustainable revenue streams
Incredible sales support and service levels

Business Partner Qualification Criteria


Do you have an existing customer base of medium to large enterprise customers?

Managed Services Colour

Do you have a sound understanding of the ICT industry?

Desk Phones

Do you have a direct sales force?

Internet Of Things

Do you understand the concept of Technology and Telecom Expense Management?

Please complete the below registration form and we will contact you to discuss further.

Become an Apex BI partner

Great business partnerships are developed when people and organizations jointly make money by working together towards a common goal in a relationship underpinned by an ethos of trust, mutual respect, communication and fun

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