Software Solutions

ClarityTM is a powerful software solution that is owned and developed by Apex BI. Our software enables companies to understand, simplify and automate their dispersed IT & Telecoms spend, services and assets via a single web platform.

ClarityTM Technology Expense Management Software


ClarityTM Mobile

Your entire mobile voice
and data workforce
in one platform.


ClarityTM IoT

The heart of your IoT
ecosystem - all IoT data
sets in one place.


ClarityTM Communications

Your entire fixed line voice and data,
unified communications and TMS
landscape in one platform.


ClarityTM IT

All IT provider billing
in one platform.


ClarityTM Billing Engine

Billing solutions for
ICT service providers.

icon of a printer

ClarityTM Office Automation

Your company wide print stats
in one platform.

Software Features

apex business intelligence software

The Power of Knowing

All IT & telecom costs, consumption, services and trends across all providers, all business users and all locations in a single platform.