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Managed Services

The management of fixed and mobile telecommunications infrastructure, services and the associated usage and costs is a complex, time-consuming function, which for most businesses is a non-core business activity.

Many organisations lack the skills and resources required to manage the environment effectively. It is for that reason that many organisations choose to outsource the function.

Our Managed Services offering is modular and can be completely customised for each and every customer. Customers can choose one or more Managed Service modules. The way in which we deploy the service is based very much on the functions and tasks that we may be required to fulfil.

Managed Services Modules

Dispute Management Module

Line item by line item, we scrutinise your provider billing to identify any possible billing discrepancies. We then highlight the discrepancies and escalate the disputes directly with your provider(s). We methodically track each dispute from inception to closure, and our proactive approach to dispute management ensures that any credits due are received accordingly and that steps are implemented to avoid future reoccurrences. Billing discrepancies typically include one or more of the following:

  • Incorrect discounts
  • Charging for services which should be zero-rated
  • Overcharging
  • Double billing
  • Unmentioned price escalations

Vendor & Service Management

A single conduit that understands your business needs, commercial agreements and most importantly understands your defined procedures and business rules.

Our team fulfils the entire process on your behalf and manages the day-to-day communication with your vendor(s) for tasks such as new product/service applications, moves, additions, changes, deletes, fault logging, escalations, complaints and queries. We chair and minute regular vendor-customer meetings. We also track vendor performance against vendor SLAs and report back to your internal stakeholders in terms of compliance.

Inventory Management

The need to track and control the growing diversity of assets within the typical organisation has far superseded the ability to do so by way of spreadsheet. Our inventory management offering combines people, process and software to ensure that your inventory not only becomes current, but that it remains that way. All aspects relating to your inventory items and services including the “owner” are meticulously tracked and measured. Automation within our inventory module prompts key stakeholders with important information, which enables effective contract term management.

Cost Allocation & Cost Recovery

Monthly cost allocation reports taking into account all applicable telecommunications costs are designed and built exactly in line with your organisational structures and business needs and are emailed directly to the appropriate stakeholders on predefined dates. Internal cost recovery doesn’t get any easier with user-friendly cost recovery reporting, which contains all required supporting data. Recover costs from internal business units, staff and even third parties.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Using our TEM Software [Clarity], we provide all stakeholders with the appropriate reporting and actionable data that they require in order to understand the monthly vendor costs associated to all telecommunications products and services across the organisation. Included is the management of all report automation, metadata [user, company and location information] as well as all policy management [alerts and thresholds].

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